Past Faces

Previous OC's

Flight Lieutenant D Barker - 2000-2011

Departed to become the Wing Shooting and Fieldcraft Officer and was posted as a Supernumerary Officer to 2495 (Hythe) Sqn, but he has since "returned" as the Squadron's Sector Commander - with a promotion to Squadron Leader

Flight Lieutenant J Bastow - 1995-2000

Retired to spend more time with his family, remained on the staff as a CI, now at 1391 (Romsey) Sqn


Phil Keating

Left the Squadron in 1968 as a Cadet Sergeant and contacted us from Abu Dhabi to congratulate us on our website (he said having been a Business Development Executive at Hewlett Packard he should know a good one!). He has now returned to his love of aviation and at the time of writing was working for Aerospace Resources Limited.

Steve Elwin

Joined the RAF in 1981 and was awarded a Commander-in-Chief Command Commendation in 2011 whilst based at RAF Leuchars.

Curtis Baldwin

Joined the RAF having left 1216 Squadron in 1998 and was, the last we heard, flying VC10s

Lucas Baldwin

Left 1216 as a CWO in 2000, before joining the RAF as a Pilot and we believe is now flying Merlins.

Sam Bennett

Is now flying Chinooks at our Parent Station, RAF Odiham - we bumped into him on our last visit to 27 Squadron!

David Kent

Joined the Royal Marine Commando in in 2008, and had, the last we heard, been promoted to Lance Corporal, following his ATC service which he left in the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant.

Martin Kent

Has just enlisted into the Army, we eagerly await to hear how he gets on!


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