The Air Training Corps offers young people a wide range of activities, some that would cost hundreds of pounds if done privately and others that just aren't available elsewhere.

The wide range of activities available to cadets makes the organisation what it is and means that there is something available for everyone.

On Unit

On squadron parade nights there are many different activites which run throughout the year, our location allows us to dedicate evenings entirely to sport during the summer months. We are also able to use the local surrounding area for navigation training. With the four classrooms available to us we are able to fully cover the theoretical side of all activites in the warm and dry.

Off Unit

Throughout the year activities are offered to cadets at the weekends and during the week, at various military establisments including RAF Odiham, RAF Boscombe Down and Training Areas. The activities available here range from flying to shooting to fieldcraft training.

The perfect 10

The Perfect 10 sets out opportunities across the 10 main areas that the squadron offers. Each year it enables you to have a set of goals based around these 10 key activities for you to have a go at. 

What those challenges are will depend upon your age and what stage of your training you are at. 

These challenges should go on throughout your entire ATC career. If you stay until you are aged 18 you should have been able to take part at some level in all 10 areas.

This is The Perfect 10.