Annual Camp

Every year, cadets are given the opportunity to attend a camp on an operational RAF station. These camps last for a week (normally Saturday to Saturday) with the aim of letting cadets see what life is like in the RAF. It is also probably the best opportunity that you will get within cadets to make new friends outside of your own squadron and to have shed loads of fun!

You will sleep in RAF accommodation blocks or tents, eat in the airman's mess and visit various sections around the station (such as operational squadrons, the control tower, the fire section etc.), as well as take part in a range of cadet activities as well as any social activities which may be available, for example the party that is normally held on the last night.

Each cadet at camp will also normally get a flight in one of the Air Experience Flight's Tutor aircraft and being on an RAF station puts cadets in a perfect position to get opportunity flights on any other aircraft which may have a few spare seats, such as that Sea King that you've had your eye on all week, or a 3hr refuelling flight on a VC10!

Overseas Camp

Once a cadet has attended a UK camp and is 16 or older they will be eligible for Overseas camps.

The ATC currently runs overseas camps in Germany, RAF Gibraltar and RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Overseas camps tend to be more relaxed because of the greater experience amongst the participants. They concentrate less on drill and inspections and more on the other aspects of camp, such as gaining work experience with RAF personnel and visiting local sites of historic and/or military interest. Cadets also get the opportunity to explore local towns, such as Limassol in Cyprus.

An overseas camp is an opportunity not to be missed, however, places are limited.

International Air Cadet Exchange

Each year Cadets from across the world take part in the International Air Cadet Exchange. Cadets from the UK "swap" with Cadets from USA, Canada, Germany, China, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and Ghana to name just a few! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that gives Cadets chances to take part in activities that "normal" tourists would never get the chance to do and meet other Cadets and their families from all races, religions and backgrounds. Competition for these places is fierce and Cadets need a very impressive CV to be considered.

The Squadron Adjutant was lucky enough to be the escorting Officer to the USA in 2013 - read her report in the "news" section and see the photos in the "photo album" section.