Cadets in the Air Training Corps have the opportunity to participate in the sport of rifle shooting. Since the ATC was originally a recruiting organisation for the RAF it made sense for marksmanship to be part of the training; it remains a cadet activity and is one of the most popular.

A range is used so that cadets can take part in shooting under controlled conditions and they come in many shapes and sizes. Initially, shooting takes place with the target 25m away from the firer, either on a 25m indoor or 25m outdoor range. As the firer advances through the weapons they will start to shoot at ranges of 100m or more.

Safety is paramount in all ATC activities and shooting is no exception. Training is a fundamental part of the system and each cadet is fully trained on whichever rifle they will be using. Supervising staff are similarly trained to deal with any eventualities and to ensure that the range is run safely and efficiently. All rifles are fired from the prone position (i.e. the firer lies on their stomach) at static targets.


As cadets progress they are able to attempt different shooting practices that result in the awarding of a marksman badge if a certain level of shooting is achieved. The cadet needs to be consistent with shooting in a standard group, along with rapid and snap practices.