Civilian Committee

In addition to the staff that work directly with the cadets, there is a collection of dedicated civilians who support the Squadron behind the scenes. They form the Squadron’s Civilian Committee and without them the Squadron would be forced to close.

The Civilian Committee is responsible for fund-raising, Squadron welfare and community outreach projects to name just a few. It is comprised of ex-staff members who wish to remain involved in the Organisation but whose time or age restricts them from remaining on the Squadron, as well as Parents and Guardians of cadets both past and present and dedicated members of the public who simply want to help.

The Civilian Committee meet once a month for 2 hours on a parade night, so you can drop your cadet off and then join the other committee members for a cup of tea or coffee prior to the meeting. There is also the odd occasion when your support at a weekend may also be sought, e.g. Christmas bag packing at the local supermarket.

All of the staff on the Squadron have full time jobs and hectic home lives and we appreciate how valuable your time is. The Civilian Committee is a brilliant way of supporting your Cadet, learning more about the ATC and ensuring that 1216 (Eastleigh) Squadron can keep its doors open.

We really hope that you are able to donate just a small amount of your time to the Squadron, whether it is an idea that you generate, a contact that you share or your ability to pry money out of shopper’s hands!

Please contact the Civilian Committee Chairman, Mr Martin Parker, via email for further details about joining the Civilian Committee: